Where Are the Women Composers? Where Are the Women Composers? In its 85 years of existence, the Rockford Symphony has performed well over 2,000 compositions (including repeated works). Twelve of them were written by women. That’s less than 0.6%. Shameful? Chauvinistic? ... More
Subscriber Benefits Subscriber Benefits Take a look at the benefits that go along with becoming an RSO Season Subscriber and opportunities to engage with the orchestra! Being an RSO Subscriber has its perks when you use your Subscriber ... More
RSO en Español Bienvenidos ¡Les invitamos a la Orquesta Sinfónica de Rockford! La RSO fue fundada en 1934 y actualmente estamos en nuestra temporada número 81. Nuestro director de Orquesta Steve Larsen se incorporó a la RSO en 1991 ... More