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Music Educators Toolbox from Carnegie Hall

This set of free online resources for music teachers includes lesson plans and activities, summative and formative assessments, video examples, and documented best practices.

Minnesota Orchestra's Guide to the Orchestra

This interactive orchestra guide features instrument information, up-close photos, and demonstration videos.

Young People's Concerts Play!

Watch the famous Young People’s Concerts™ in your classroom or home. Welcome to a library of educational concerts available for on-demand streaming, along with a host of interactive features to help you get even more out of the concert experience from the New York Philharmonic. 

Classroom Resources from the Lancaster Symphony

Featuring activities for children, instrument features, music notation, rehearsal tools, and a music history timeline.

Instrument Discovery from the Bloomingdale School of Music

Instrument Discovery is the largest collection of video instrument demonstrations available anywhere on the Internet. Curious visitors can learn about the history, sound, technique, and repertoire of each instrument.

Instrument Video Library

This set of videos features each instrument of the orchestra playing an excerpt from "Ode to Joy" so students can distinguish the different timbres of the instruments.

Daniel Barenboim on You Tube

Daniel Barenboim has many 5 minute videos with examples and explanations of famous pieces, including music by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, and more.

Time Travel Through Music

What if you could travel back in time to see and discover what life was like 300 years ago? Philharmonia’s new 35-minute video, Time Travel Through Music, shows how historically-informed performance can do just that.

Make Your Own Instrument

Make your own instruments from every day household objects with these tutorials from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Embouchure for Brass Instruments