Veterans are invited to attend the Nov. Classics Concert for Free If you are a veteran of the armed forces, we invite you to attend our November Classics concert, Dreams of the Fallen, for FREE. The performance will feature composer and Rockford native Jake Runestad’s Dreams of ... More
RSYO Conductor Linc Smelser is on tour with the Chicago Symphony! We asked Linc to send us back some thoughts from the road…here they are – complete with pictures! The adventure began with a long yet relaxing flight on the new Dream Liner to Warsaw, Poland. Having ... More
Q & A with Composer and Rockford Native Jake Runestad Q & A with Composer and Rockford Native Jake Runestad about composing and what he likes about Rockford. Click Here for more information or to purchase tickets. Q: What influenced you to become a composer? A: Since I ... More



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