Coronado Security Measures New security enhancements have been implemented by the Coronado and all guests attending performances at the Coronado will be screened prior to entering the theatre. Security personnel will be present at  every entrance and will wand ... More
Music Director’s Message “A Night of Symphonic Rock”. There seems to be something oxymoronic about that phrase. After all, didn’t Chuck Berry, in that 1956 iconic anthem of Rock and Roll, issue the order, “Roll over Beethoven, and tell ... More
RSO en Español Bienvenidos ¡Les invitamos a la Orquesta Sinfónica de Rockford! La RSO fue fundada en 1934 y actualmente estamos en nuestra temporada número 81. Nuestro director de Orquesta Steve Larsen se incorporó a la RSO en 1991 ... More