Who: Students in grades 3-5

What: The Rockford Symphony Orchestra’s Annual Youth Concert

Where: Coronado Performing Arts Center

When: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 10:30am
Concert is one hour in length. Doors open at 10:00am.

Cost: $5 per student. One free chaperone per 10 students, additional chaperones $5 each. Registration accepted immediately. Payment due March 25, 2019.

Link Up: The Orchestra Sings


Melody is one of the universal elements of music. Composers and musicians create melodies, which can be sung or played on instruments. The orchestra sings when its musicians play melodies on their instruments. Through the Link Up repertoire, hands-on activities, and a culminating interactive performance with a professional orchestra, we will discover how the orchestra sings.

Questions? Contact Education and Community Engagement Director Margo Stedman at 815.965.0049 or

Access Curriculum and Practice Tracks from Carnegie Hall here

The Youth Concert Education Program is supported by
an endowment gift from Dick & Grace Leighton.


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