School Volunteer

Rockford Symphony Orchestra Board Member Arnie Rosen founded the concept of the "Band Grandpa" in 2016. The Rockford Symphony Orchestra, in partnership with Rockford Public Schools, sent the first Band Grandpas into the classroom in the 2017/2018 school year.

Do you have a love of music and helping students be the best version of themselves? We would love to have you volunteer in an orchestra, band, or choir classroom. Each volunteer experience is unique - some volunteers give a few hours one day a week, and some give many more. The experience is custom tailored to your time and skill set! Once you fill out the interest form below, you will be contacted by Rockford Public Schools to go through the process to find out which school and situation is the best fit for you.

Have specific questions? Contact us!

Margo Stedman
RSO Education and Community Engagement Director

Bonnie Spurling
Rockford Public Schools Fine Arts Director

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