Rockford Symphony Orchestra presents Carnegie Hall’s Link Up Program

Published 03/20/2016

Rockford, IL. A prestigious music education program culminates with interactive orchestra concerts for students in Rockford on Wednesday. The Rockford Symphony Orchestra performs the Link Up Concert on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Coronado Performing Arts Center.  The production will be held at 10:00 a.m.

In collaboration with Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute (WMI), Rockford Symphony Orchestra is participating in WMI’s Link Up program during the 2015–2016 season. Link Up is a highly participatory program that pairs orchestras across the country with schools in their local communities, inviting students to learn about orchestral repertoire through a yearlong, hands-on music curriculum. Each year focuses on specific concepts, including rhythm, melody, tempo, orchestration, and composition. Utilizing materials provided free of charge by WMI, teachers guide students in exploring music through a composer’s lens, with students participating in active music making in the classroom; performing repertoire on recorder, violin, voice, or body percussion; and taking part in creative work such as composing their own pieces inspired by the orchestral music they have studied.

The culmination of the yearlong program is a live performance in which students have the opportunity to sing and play the recorder along with the RSO. This performance often serves as students’ first concert experience and provides them with the opportunity to apply the musical concepts they have studied.

Link Up’s national partnerships grew out of the program’s ongoing work with New York City schools, through which Carnegie Hall has engaged hundreds of thousands of students in musical learning since its inception in 1985.