Isadore Olson Scholarship Fund


The Isadore Olson Scholarship Fund was created in Isadore Olson web2015 by Gayle and Ellwyn Englof in honor and memory of Gayle’s grandfather, Isadore Olson. Gayle says of her grandfather, “Isadore Olson emigrated to Rockford from a small island off the coast of Sweden in the early 1900s. He was a musician, played the fiddle (or violin), sang in his church choir, and performed with the Sveas Soner singing society of Rockford most of his adult life.”

This scholarship fund will initially be awarded to one student each year who exhibits the following criteria, in keeping with the spirit of Isadore Olson:

  • A passion for music and arts
  • A love of performance and the desire to create music as part of an ensemble
  • The ability to inspire and lead other musicians

This scholarship will cover the cost of one year’s orchestra tuition for a student participating in the RSYO (chamber orchestra or other programs not included). A student who has participated in RSYO for one full year and is in good standing is eligible* to apply. A member is deemed to be in “good standing” if the following criteria are met:

  • Attends rehearsals regularly
  • Displays a courteous attitude
  • Exhibits a cooperative spirit
  • Handles RSYO music and materials in a responsible way

Applications will be accepted each year from May 1 – July 15 for the following RSYO Season, with the award recipient to be notified by September 1 (or the nearest business day).

*The only exception is a student who is receiving tuition remittance as a member of the Sterling String Quartet.