Youth Concert Attendees

The following schools are registered to participate in the 2017/18 Youth Concert, The Universe at an Exhibition:

  • St. Peter Catholic School
  • HiS Homeschool
  • Loves Park Elementary
  • Freedom Academy
  • Freed Christian
  • Marshall Elementary
  • Maria Montessori School
  • O'Sullivan Math and Science Academy
  • Walter Lawson Children's Home
  • Windsor Elementary
  • St. Bernadette School
  • Barbour Language Academy
  • Froberg Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Rockford Lutheran School
  • Lord and Savior Lutheran School
  • Faith Christian School
  • Classical Conversations Freeport
  • Classical Conversations Rockford
  • Krummel Academy
  • Twin Deer Academy

List as of 10/3/17

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